About Us

About Our Store

Our inspiration to provide women in their 30’s and 40’s with trendy and quality wear that depicts maturity, and confidence and is timeless, yet still looking young and elegant.

We do this by establishing a line of clothing that is unique and affordable.

We offer select women’s fashion and apparel of all sizes to women with outstanding customer service. 

About Cindy Cook

I am Cindy Cook - the founder of Naked Dolphin Beachwear.

It all really started when I married my husband in 2008 and we immediately started traveling to anywhere that had a beach. When he proposed in 2007 we decided the best place for us to marry was on a beach, so that’s what we did in August of 2008 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Since that time we have traveled 2-3 times/year at different times of the year to beaches from coast to coast and abroad. Every year we would travel outside of the seasonal fashion and it would be extremely difficult to find anything that was beach related.

As a woman we all know that we MUST have something NEW before we go somewhere BLUE.

Growing up my family was a very modest, middle class family. I always had an eye for fashion, but it wasn’t always affordable in a family of 5. There were many times I would design my own clothes and sew them, so that I was just a little bit different/unique from everyone else around me.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, my entire world changed. I was working as a very successful Realtor®. Enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes from that career.

Then 2 weeks before the pandemic hit I accepted a CEO position with a corporation and my world turned upside down. Little did I know that for the next 2 years I would be challenged beyond my comprehension.

I never realized the work, dedication and stress that would come from a position like that. That is where Naked Dolphin Beachwear was developed.

My goal was to provide women of all ages, sizes and color a place that they could dream a little, cherish romantic getaways, escapes with loved ones, breathing salty air and digging our toes in the sand—all to restore the soul.

We don’t want to stop there. We want provide your entire vacation wardrobe, from a live-in sundress to a chic carry-all that takes you from beach to street.

We even want to dress you in a little luxury, as you walk down that beach sand and say “I DO”. We want to share the best parts of us with you.

Our brand can be defined by its colorful prints, trendy style and casual look with a sexy twist. We want to chase the sun at the beach while catching the waves in style!! Our personal guarantee is to provide every customer with the level of service that wins clients for life.

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!!