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Green Apatite Planet Moon and North Star Drop Earrings

Green Apatite Planet Moon and North Star Drop Earrings

Discover a celestial elegance with our Planet Moon and North Star Earrings, where each piece holds a profound symbolism of hope and direction. The north star, a timeless emblem of guidance, is paired with a green planet moon, creating a thoughtful and meaningful accessory that transcends mere fashion.

Handmade with care in the UK, the planet is meticulously crafted from natural apatite stone, imparting a unique touch to every pair. The earrings showcase a harmonious blend of materials: gold-plated bronze wire, natural apatite beads, and sterling silver ear wires. The intricate design and choice of materials make these earrings a distinctive addition to your jewelry collection.

As a token of our appreciation, each order from our gift shop comes with a complimentary gift box. The packaging reflects our commitment to presenting your purchase with the same level of care and craftsmanship as the earrings themselves.


  • Size of one earring: 22mm x 85mm
  • Material: Wire - gold-plated bronze, Beads - natural apatite beads, Ear wire - sterling silver

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these earrings, each piece is unique, and variations may occur, adding to their charm and individuality.

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