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Erin Medea

Paint by Numbers - Red Heart on Green Background

Paint by Numbers - Red Heart on Green Background

Discover the joy of painting on canvas with our Paint by Numbers kits, the perfect choice for both beginners and art enthusiasts. No prior painting experience is needed – simply order your desired painting, and you'll receive a high-quality Italian canvas designed specifically for painting, made of 100% durable linen. Each kit includes a set of premium acrylic paints that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, accompanied by a set of brushes.

Our Paint by Numbers kits offers a unique twist to the nostalgic charm of childhood coloring books. Instead of a pre-drawn colorful template, you receive a canvas with numbered areas. Each number corresponds to a specific color, providing a guided and enjoyable painting experience.

Taking a painting canvas to the beach offers a serene escape, allowing one to immerse themselves in the tranquil sounds of the waves and the vast expanse of the ocean, fostering clarity and inner peace through creative expression.

Key Features of Our Paint by Numbers Kit:

  • High-quality Italian canvas made of 100% linen for durability.
  • Set of high-quality acrylic paints that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Magnifying glass for detailed work.
  • Option for already framed (Stretched canvas) or No frame (Rolled Canvas).
  • Reference print for better visualization.

Getting Started:

  1. Order your Paint by Numbers kit from our online store. Each kit includes a canvas, brushes, paints, and a simple instruction manual. Prepare a bowl of water for brush cleaning, and keep paper towels handy for wiping and drying brushes.

  2. Pour your favorite drink, and enjoy the creative process of painting by numbers. It's all about having fun, relieving stress, and savoring the moment. For higher difficulty levels, a magnifying glass on an easel with light is recommended for intricate details.

Already Framed (Stretched Canvas) vs. No Frame (Rolled Canvas):

Choose between an already framed canvas for stability while painting or a rolled canvas for a more personalized framing experience later.

Reference Print:

Each kit includes a reference print to assist in visualizing the final painting. Note that colors on the reference print may vary slightly from the actual painting.

Acrylic Paints:

Our acrylic paints are specifically tailored for use with the provided canvas. With over 260 shades created by our artists, these non-toxic, eco-friendly paints ensure vibrant and lasting colors. The clear contours of numbered areas make for precise and accurate painting reproduction.


Opt for our frames made of high-quality spruce wood for added stability and a polished finish.


Our kit includes brushes designed for both large and small areas. With excellent paint pick-up, non-slippery nylon bristles, and a secure metal base, these brushes ensure a seamless painting experience.

Embark on your artistic adventure with our Paint by Numbers kit, combining creativity, convenience, and quality. Explore our diverse selection available at our online boutique.

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